Group wants ownership of time capsule found in Confederate statue

Orlando officials still deciding how to handle ownership

ORLANDO, Fla. – After years of controversy, the Confederate monument that overlooked Lake Eola for 100 years was removed Tuesday afternoon.

It will soon be placed at Greenwood Cemetery in the Civil War area.

The move has sparked a new discussion about who will take ownership of a time capsule that was found inside the monument.

"I think personally, because we put it there, that it should be given to us and then we can decide what we want to do with it," said Patricia Schnurr from the Daughters of the Confederacy, Florida Chapter.

Schnurr is an encyclopedia of history knowledge and said she already knew there was a time capsule in the monument long before it was discovered Tuesday morning.

"I knew that there was one put there when they put the statue in there and the only reason why I know is that I have the history of the chapter for every year since 1898," Schnurr said.

Admittedly against moving the monument, Schnurr said getting the capsule back is more about the principle than what's inside.

"We're saying that we paid for everything so we have a right to get/have the box back, regardless of what's in it," Schnurr said.

Even though the small, metal time capsule hasn't been opened, Schnurr said she knows what's inside.

"There was a Confederate flag, battle flag, the square one that the soldiers used. And there was some Confederate money. I don't know if they were bonds or if they were just money. Of course, you know they were no gold coins or anything like that, just money, Confederate money. And then there was a picture, a framed picture of General Lee, and then there was sort of an endorsement or certificate that was wrapped up in there that said something to the words that they placed in there in their memory for eternity or something like that, like some of the others," Schnurr said.

News 6 asked Orlando city officials about ownership procedure.

A representative said because this is so fresh, they're working to determine how and when to open it and to whom it truly belongs. The said they don't want to rush the process. The city is planning to set up a meeting with Schnurr.