Florida Child Support Enforcement Program 'has no teeth,' parents say

Child support investigation finds $1.2 billion owed in current, back support

ORLANDO, Fla. – Most people know someone who has experienced a bitter divorce, and when there are children involved, it is even harder.

But what is the state of Florida doing to collect on any past due child support out there on the parent who may have skipped town or just refuses to pay?

News 6 has learned that this fiscal year, the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Program has collected more than $1 billion in current and past due child support. The program boasts it has a collection rate of 81.9 percent, but it is still trying to collect on $1.2 billion more.

News 6 asked what's being done to get results on past due cases. The Florida Department of Revenue, or FDR, was asked several times for an on camera interview, but they declined.

However, FDR officials said their Child Support Program currently has 541,576 cases.

Here's how the cases break down by county in Central Florida:

Orange County   38,830 cases