'I'm going to shoot me a cop:' Kissimmee suspect posted threat online before shooting

Accused cop killer named in Orlando police intelligence alert in July

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Police Department intelligence units were alerted to Everett Glenn Miller’s deadly threats against police on social media nearly a month to the day of his alleged attack on Kissimmee officers Matthew Baxter and Sam Howard.

The report filed July 14, indicates Miller was “the subject of a Facebook Live” video where officers said he ranted: “If this cop comes out with his gun, I’m going to shoot me a cop.”

According to the intelligence sheet, Miller is seen in the Facebook Live video with a gun saying, “No cop is going to get Glenn Miller today.”

Additional details regarding the context of the video, according to the report, “were unknown.”

The sheet indicates the intel was shared with Orange County Sheriff’s intelligence unit but it’s not clear why the information was not shared to the rest of the police community.

Former Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said any threat against police, first responders or public officials should be shared with law enforcement agencies through the fusion center known as CFIX, Central Florida Information Exchange.

“Intelligence that’s not shared is worthless on paper," Beary told News 6 Monday. “We need to establish guidelines and protocol (on the domestic front), and we need to track this down on a daily basis.”

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said his agency did not receive the report but he said given the window of time, it might not have mattered.

“There was no crime, it was just a bulletin,” Chitwood said. “If he (Miller) was hell bent on killing an officer and nobody knew where he was Friday night the results probably would have been the same.”

OPD didn’t comment on why the information wasn’t shared although at the bottom of the sheet sent to Orange County it read in red letters: Caution should be used when dealing with Everett Miller.

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