Palm Bay deputy city manager David Isnardi resigns

PALM BAY, Fla. – David Isnardi is out as Palm Bay's deputy city manager, city officials announced Tuesday following months of scrutiny surrounding oversight of city-funded charitable organizations.

The decision was made together between city leadership and 58-year-old Isnardi, who was hired by the city in May 2015.

"The city of Palm Bay is focused on continuing toward growth and development as Brevard's largest municipality," City Manager Gregg Lynk said in a news release. "We thank Dave for his service and for being a strong advocate for the city and its residents. The City will now begin its search to appoint the next deputy city manager for Palm Bay."

Isnardi came under particular scrutiny earlier this year for his oversight of a charitable organization called Space Coast Paratroopers that collaborated with Palm Bay to provide free homes in the city to 100 percent disabled military veterans, as reported by Florida Today.

Palm Bay and the organization partnered on the Homes for Warriors program. Isnardi played a key role in arranging donations, selecting applicants and finding volunteers to assist with the program.

However, the state of Florida’s Housing Finance Corp. criticized the program for a lack of city oversight and sloppy paperwork.

Palm Bay Assistant City Attorney Rodney Edwards announced a settlement Monday with the couple trying to sell their home built by the Homes for Warriors program. Edwards said the city collected two checks for outstanding fees owed on the home of Eric and Megin Davidson, including $154,584 the city invested in the property and $1,291.95 in unpaid utility bills to the city.

Isnardi had been on temporary leave since August, reported News 6 partner Florida Today, as state and federal investigations into the city’s municipal operations intensified.

Lynk said he will work with human resources director Ron Clare to find a replacement for Isnardi.

"Our police chief has resigned, our fire chief has resigned, our growth management director has resigned. Now, the deputy city manager has resigned. I'd really like to get to the bottom of what's going on in the city and when is the city manager going to resign," Gaume said.