Eustis woman's emu escapes yard after Irma damage

EUSTIS, Fla. – Betty Carter, 74, said she went to check on her emu Monday morning, like she has done for the last 15 years, but this time the bird never came.

"I come out and I stand there and I call Tweety Bird and he comes to feed, and he didn't come up," Carter said.

Carter said she thinks the damage done to her trees by Hurricane Irma knocked down the fence and that may be how Tweety Bird got out.

It broke down all the trees out here and everything, and I guess that's how (Tweety Bird) got out somehow," Carter said. "I really love him."

Carter said she posted all the information she had on Facebook. Hours later, someone wrote her back and shared a video, saying they spotted what looked like her emu running by in the Seminole Forest.

Carter said Thursday night she received another call from someone who told her they spotted her emu in someone else's yard nearby. She said she and her grandson are going to check it out Friday. She said if it's Tweety Bird, she will have a trailer ready to take the emu back home.

"I just miss him," Carter said. "He's about all I've got left."