Hole near Lake Nona causing headaches for nearby residents

Incident happened on Eagle Ray Lane

ORLANDO, Fla. – Residents are upset over the headaches being caused by a hole that opened Saturday in the Lake Nona area. 

The incident happened in the 11700 block of Eagle Ray Lane. 

Ally Maldonado told News 6 that she rides her bike along Lake Nona Boulevard four times a week and wasn't expecting to see barricades Sunday morning. 

"Everything is all blocked off to all through traffic here in Lake Nona," Maldonado said.

Crews set up the roadblock after a large depression formed inside the gated community of Village Walk at Lane Nona.

City officials told News 6 it appears to be a cave-in related to the failure of a privately-owned sanitary or stormwater pipe.

"With everything that we've been going through with the hurricanes, it definitely wasn't a surprise to me," Maldonado said. 

A spokesperson for the city said the neighborhood's homeowners' association is responsible for fixing the pipe.

But until it is repaired, drivers in the area said they are frustrated with the roadblock. Many motorists tell News 6 this is a major roadway that leads to Medical City, where there are several hospitals and the VA Medical Center. 

"It seems unnecessary to close the throughway if the hole is inside the neighborhood or back off this main street," Maldonado said.

News 6 saw dozens of cars get caught in traffic jams and make U-turns at the roadblocks. Many drivers said they were unsure of where to go.

"I wish policemen were here so they can direct traffic 'cause we don't know," one motorist said.

"We don't know where to go or not," another driver said. 

Some motorists drove through nearby neighborhoods to get around the closure. Residents were worried that it could cause problems with their weekday commutes.

"It will definitely disrupt everyone's mornings in that neighborhood if people have to go around the other way," Maldonado said. 

News 6 asked how long the roadblocks will stay in place. A spokesperson said crews will continue to keep the site secure and any roads affected closed as needed.

Editor's Note: The Orlando Fire Department initially told News 6 that the hole was a sinkhole.

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Amanda Castro, a proud UCF alum, joined the News 6 team in November 2015 and was promoted to weekend morning anchor in April 2016. Go Knights!