Florida man stabs, beats man with stick for not giving him beer, police say

Victim had multiple deep cuts, two possible broken ankles, report says


ORLANDO – An Orlando man was arrested after Orlando police officers say he cut a man multiple times with a knife and beat him with a stick after he refused to give him a beer.

Witnesses said Brian Copening approached the victim and asked him for a beer. When the victim said no, Copening began beat the to victim with a stick and cut him with a knife, according to the report. 

A witness told officers that she believed Copening was going to beat the victim until he killed him. When she told him to stop, she said Copening also threatened her. The witness told police she pulled a knife on Copening, who she said then walked away from the victim.

Officers arrested Copening after two witnesses described him as the suspect, according to the report. His identity was later confirmed by the victim in the hospital, police said.

The victim was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center after suffering deep cuts to his head, arms and legs. Officers believe he may have also had broken ankles, according to the report.

Copening was taken into custody and charged with attempted homicide.