Yelp ranks Orlando among top cities for economic opportunity

Categories measured include restaurants, shopping, cost of living, etc

Mural by The Unsigned Artist, located at 698 Altaloma Ave. in Orlando.
Mural by The Unsigned Artist, located at 698 Altaloma Ave. in Orlando.

ORLANDO, Fla – After crunching the numbers, Yelp says it has discovered the 50 cities most primed for economic opportunity in America, and Orlando is among the top contenders.

According to the ratings and review site's blog, the company is in the midst of rolling out its new "Local Economic Outlook" program, which is designed to take all of the existing data housed on Yelp.com, and convert it to showcasing the cities and neighborhoods with the most economic opportunity. 

A major output of that program is Yelp's "Ranking 50 Cities for Economic Opportunity," which features Orlando as No. 3 at the top of the list.

The ranking system analyzes every single Yelp-reviewed business to estimate its probability for staying open for the next three months, taking into account factors like the location, category, how often it is reviewed etc. The score ultimately assessed from the analysis is the foundation for ranking the cities and neighborhoods themselves.

According to Yelp, the findings of its Economic Opportunity study in October of 2017 showcase that while there is a wide dispersal of opportunity across the country, "there's particular strength in the southeast" and expensive cities like New York, San Francisco and Boston are tough for new businesses thanks to high rent.

The information provided by Yelp included that Orlando was found to be in the top six cities for percentage net growth in number of businesses from July to September in 2017.

Accompanying Orlando on the list are three other Florida cities: Jacksonville at No. 2, Tampa at No. 7 and Miami at No. 14.

See more numbers from Yelp in the interactive map below: