Homeowner's dog takes down suspect fleeing from deputies

Corey Williams, Deonte Broady cut around back of home

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Two suspects trying to outrun deputies picked the wrong backyard for their getaway.

The homeowner said he was lighting his fire pit when the two men came running through his yard.

"I was standing right there and didn't even see the gentlemen coming in from behind me," Mario Figueroa said.

Volusia County sheriff's chopper caught the exact moment Figueroa's dog, Georgio, forced one of the suspects to the ground.

"All of a sudden I hear the dog tackle a guy in the yard, a gentleman runs by me and I hear one of them say, 'Get the dog off me,'" he said.

Figueroa said he was about to enjoy a nice evening by the fire Thursday night when Corey Williams and Deonte Broady cut though the backyard of his home fleeing from deputies.

"He didn't even bark. The guys were on his territory and he took them down," Figueroa said.

He told News 6 that Georgio roams the yard as far as his leash will let him go.

"He came right out. He was probably laying on his blanket and they couldn't see him because it's dark," he said.

Figueroa said he saw the helicopter overhead, but was surprised when we showed him the takedown on video.

Deputies said the men were driving with a stolen tag and ditched the car a street over.

Figueroa told News 6 that his 2-year-old rescue was just being territorial, but he's just glad man's best friend has his back.

"Yeah, he took him down like a professional police dog. He's pretty awesome," Figueroa said. "Georgio just took care of me. He's a wonderful dog."