Attorney John Morgan leaves Democratic Party, won't seek nomination for governor

Orlando-based lawyer also says he's leaving Democratic Party


ORLANDO, Fla. – Prominent attorney John Morgan announced Friday on Facebook that he is not vying for the democratic nomination for governor in Florida and is leaving the Democratic Party.

Morgan has flirted with the possibility of seeking the Democratic nomination for months, but said he came to the decision after spending Thanksgiving with his family.

"While it’s amazing to be leading the polls for governor without being a candidate, I can’t muster the enthusiasm to run for the nomination," the Orlando-based high-powered attorney wrote.

Morgan, known for colorful outbursts, could have been a formidable candidate. He is wealthy due to the success of his law firm, Morgan & Morgan, and he appears in a steady stream of radio and television ads for his firm.

"Everyone was waiting to see what Morgan was going to do," said UCF professor and political expert Jim Clark. "It was a total surprise. He had said on several occasions 'I will make a decision next spring.' Instead, he comes out now." ​

Morgan, who used his own money to lead the charge for medical marijuana to become legal in Florida, also mentioned his disdain for "today's politicians."

"They are all the same. Both parties," Morgan said. "I plan to register as an Independent, and when I vote, vote for the lesser of two evils."

In past election cycles, Morgan held fundraisers for President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at his home.

"John Morgan has been the go to guy for cash in democratic circles in Florida," Clark added. "People were counting on him for next year, if he was not a candidate, to help the party raise money." 

Morgan, however, seemingly left the door slightly open for a potential run.

"If I ever ran, (I'd) run as an Independent. #ForThePeople," Morgan said.

News 6 has reached out to Morgan for further comment, but he has not yet responded.

Gov. Rick Scott is leaving office due to term limits. Several Republican and Democratic candidates have already lined up to replace him.

Spent all of Thanksgiving with my whole family. While it’s amazing to be leading the polls for Governor without being a...

Posted by John Morgan on Friday, November 24, 2017

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