Text messages show Cocoa man's intent to kill cousin over girlfriend, police say

Convicted felon charged with attempted murder

COCOA, Fla. – Tevaris Holmes didn't pull the trigger, but police said they are still confident the Cocoa man intended to kill his cousin. 

The convicted felon is back in the Brevard County Jail on Thursday, this time charged with attempted murder. The 28-year-old could spend the rest of his life in prison, because of what police said he wrote in text messages. 

Cocoa police said Holmes was out to kill his cousin because he thought that cousin was having a sexual relationship with a woman whom Holmes was seeing.

"He was making verbal threats, sending text messages that he was going to find him and kill him," Cocoa Police Department spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said.

Police said the situation started last week when Holmes and his cousin were fighting during a car ride from Tallahassee to Cocoa.

"They were having an ongoing argument about it. At that point, the suspect just decided that he wanted to kill him," Martinez told News 6.

After they got back to Brevard County, detectives said, Holmes sent the cousins texts, grabbed a gun and went over his cousin's apartment.

Holmes' aunt was home but his cousin was not.

"He shows up there with a gun. She was in fear for her life and in fear for her son's life," Martinez said.

Tatianna Brown, the mother of Holmes’ two children, defended him in an interview with News 6 saying the incident is “he said, she said.” Brown is not the woman involved in the dispute between the cousins.

"He slept with one of his other girlfriends," Brown said, referring to Holmes' cousin having sexual relations with a woman Holmes was seeing.

Despite his cheating, Brown defended Holmes ahead of his first court appearance Thursday at the county jail.

"Tevaris has a good heart. I think the situation was just blown out of hand, in general. The whole situation was blown out of hand and I definitely think he's innocent," she said. "I'm more than scared. I'm devastated. Seeing my kids without their father, we're praying for the best and we hope that it doesn't go like that.”

A Brevard County judge on Thursday called Holmes a danger to the community, but she still assigned him a bond. It stands at $541,000.

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