Video shows parents pulling children from school bus windows

Student injured during horseplay, officials say

ORLANDO, Fla. – A spokeswoman for Orange County Public Schools says the district stands by their school bus driver after he refused to let students off the bus for more than an hour on Wednesday.

Parents shared cellphone video with News 6, which they say shows their elementary school children stuck inside the school bus in the Orlando area, barred from getting off.

OCPS spokeswoman Lorena Hitchcock said students had been horsing around on the way home from school, and one of them suffered a bloody face as a result.

She said district policy requires the driver to call an ambulance and to wait for it to arrive.

If the bus stops at an unauthorized location, the driver is not allowed to let any students off the bus, and parents are not allowed to board.

The video shows parents opening the door of the school bus and yelling at the bus driver.

Some of the parents pulled their children out of the windows of the bus.

One mother told News 6 the chaos could have been prevented if the driver would have told them why their children were not being allowed off of the bus.

It's not clear if any of the parents will face any charges.

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