'They're teaching a kid to steal:' Boy snatches package from Deltona home

Deputies attempting to identify porch pirate child, parents

DELTONA, Fla. – Porch pirates have plagued Central Florida for years, but a recent case in Deltona may feature one of the youngest culprits.

Surveillance video shows a car with tinted windows pulling up to a home on Tamerlane Street in Deltona, and then a child gets out of the back seat, runs to the front porch and snatches an Amazon package. 

"It was frustrating and aggravating," said the victim, who declined to be identified out of fear of retribution. "Especially when I realized it was a little kid they had come out of the car and get the package."

The victim was supposed to get a $30 battery for his garage door opener from Amazon.

"I heard the doorbell ring while I was eating lunch, so I figured I'd wait and go get it afterward," the victim said. "A couple hours later, the package was gone."

He showed News 6 the surveillance video to help get the word out there, hoping deputies can find the person driving the car. 

"I work hard for my money, and then they come and steal it," he said. "And they're teaching a kid to steal. I think that's terrible." 

Volusia County deputies are asking everyone to pick up packages the second they arrive, or have them delivered to a nearby locker, or hidden out of the view of potential thieves. 

Anyone who recognizes the car or the child that was seen taking the package is asked to call the Volusia County Sheriff's Office at 386-822-5068.

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