Naked man caught riding stationary bike in community gym, police say

Deputies later found him masturbating by pond

ORLANDO, Fla. – A man was arrested after residents of an Orlando apartment complex caught him on video working out in their community gym naked, according to deputies.

Deputies say they arrived at the Andover Place Apartments in Orlando where the leasing consultant informed them she witnessed a tenant working out naked in the community gym. She identified the tenant as Kerry Haynes, deputies say.

A maintenance worker at the apartment complex told deputies he walked over to the gym after the leasing consultant told him about Haynes. The worker told deputies he then saw Haynes riding a stationary bike naked. The arrest report states the worker asked Haynes what he was doing, to which Haynes replied, "working out." 

The worker told Haynes that they had contacted police, and told deputies Haynes then left the gym in route to his apartment. The worker captured the interaction on video, and gave it to deputies as evidence.

Deputies say when they left the gym, they were flagged down by a landscaping employee at the complex who told them the "same naked guy" was laying in the grass masturbating by the community pond. He also told deputies he saw him urinate in the community pool, according to the report. 

Deputies found Haynes masturbating near the pond and escorted him back to his apartment. Deputies entered the apartment and found Haynes' clothes lying on the living room floor. 

Before escorting Haynes out of the complex, the leasing consultant told deputies that Haynes had been exhibiting naked acts like this around the complex for two weeks.

Haynes was arrested on charges of exposure of sexual organs, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.