'Everybody Cross the Line;' Mom takes on bullying with music video

Local artists A.T.K and J.None involved in project

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando mother, inspired by the movie "Freedom Writers" and Oprah Winfrey, has taken on the challenge to address bullying head-on.  

Dawn Burnett, a wellness strategist, said she decided to write and produce a song and music video with the help of local artists A.T.K and J.None. The song, called "Everybody Cross the Line" speaks about the struggle of dealing with bullies and urges everyone to come together and drop misconceptions and judgment with a catchy dance and beat.

"When you come to this line, all the judgment is laid down. It doesn't matter your nationality. It doesn't matter your gender. It doesn't matter your sexual preference. All are accepted when you cross that line," Burnett said.

Burnett has been a victim of domestic violence and her son has been bullied. Recently, he was pushed down the stairs by bullies and now walks with crutches as his foot heals.

Burnett filmed the video on Monday in Orlando at RDV Sports Complex with the help of 70 students and adults who have been bullied because of their race, sex, sexual preference or social status. She said she hopes the video can inspire people across the world.

The music video will be released on Sunday. Look for a link at ClickOrlando.com.