Shaquem Griffin writes heartfelt letter to NFL GMs

Griffin talks about overcoming adversity, saying 'nothing comes easy'


ORLANDO, Fla. – Former one-handed UCF football star Shaquem Griffin is heading to the NFL combine this week to prove he has what it takes to make it in the league. Before he left, Griffin left a message for NFL general managers.

In a letter published in The Players' Tribune, the linebacker pens a personal letter to NFL GMs to tell them why they shouldn't doubt it. However, instead of focusing on his many accomplishments, he talks about the "dark times" he's overcome through out his football career. 

The letter begins with a story from Griffin's childhood, the moment he realized as an 8-year-old that "I was always going to have to prove people wrong." Griffin talks about training in his backyard with his dad and two brothers, and his dad always saying "nothing comes easy."

Griffin carried that motto with him to UCF, where he watched his twin brother travel for games as he sat in his dorm. "I think the hardest part about those first few years was watching Shaquill play on Saturdays," he wrote. Griffin watched as his brother was invited to stay at UCF and train for the summer, while he went home to work for his dad's tow truck company. 

He credits former UCF coach Scott Frost saying he "came in and brought me back into the light." Griffin touches on his senior season at UCF saying his team was a "national championship team" and that "nobody can convince me otherwise."

He closes his letter with a message to GMs, saying thank you to the believers and doubters alike, and ends with a simple message. "I know that it won't come easy. Nothing comes easy. But I will fulfill that purpose. I have no doubt," Griffin writes. 

Griffin will be in Indianapolis this week at the NFL combine hoping to prove himself to NFL scouts and coaches. You can find his full letter here.