IRS threats, travel deals top Orlando-area robocalls

Orlando one of top 50 cities on scam call list

ORLANDO, Fla. – American phones were overwhelmed by some 2.75 billion robocalls in February, a 24 percent increase over February of last year, according to new data from YouMail.

The company’s Robocall Index was launched in 2015 and according to CEO Alex Quilici, travel deals “near Disney” and IRS threats continue to top the unwanted call complaint list in Central Florida.

“We haven’t seen them let up," Quilici said. “ We see about 20 million-ish IRS scam calls every month.”

As for the new travel deals, Qulici said this is the latest twist on unwanted calls that offer deals that may include a cost to you.

One of the robocall messages recorded by Youmail investigators, said in part "Well, you have been selected for a weeklong vacation to Orlando, Florida, right next to Disney and you will also get a three-day two-night stay in the Bahamas.”

“The problem is not getting better,” Qulici said. “So people need to take action, download apps to try and stop these calls.”

The YouMail Robocall Index™ is a compilation of the "scope and location of the worst robocalling hot spots across the country by area code.” According to the company, these statistics are regularly cited by the Federal Communications Commission as a “definitive source for national data trends.“

YouMail blocks unwanted robocallers by making sure the user’s phone doesn’t ring and then plays an out-of-service message that leads them to think that the number they dialed is invalid.

“We know the robocalling problem continues to bedevil U.S. consumers and businesses by wasting our time, costing us money and causing untold levels of frustration for Americans in all walks of life,” Quilici said.  “We are warning folks to download a robocall blocker and to not pick up any calls from numbers they do not recognize, and instead allow them to go directly into voicemail.”

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