Emu chicks hatch at Brevard Zoo

Chicks living behind the scenes for time being


MELBOURNE, Fla. – There are some new residents at the Brevard Zoo!

Two emu chicks hatched from their eggs at the zoo earlier this month. One hatched on March 14 while the other emerged on March 15.

The chicks are offspring of current Brevard Zoo residents. Their mom is 6-year-old Lafawnduh and their dad is 23-year-old Napoleon. 

"Once the female lays the eggs, she skips town. The male takes over," said director of animal programs Michelle Smurl. "Napoleon did a great job sitting on the eggs, but he wasn't too interested in the chicks once they hatched."

Zoo officials say two eggs hatched from the bunch. The third chick began to hatch, but did not make it out of the egg.

The two chicks are living behind the scenes for a while until they get comfortable with their new environment.

Emu chicks weigh less than 1 pound when they're born; however, on their diet of grass and insects the birds can exceed 100 pounds as adults. 

Two emu chicks hatched this month and they are as cute, fluffy and energetic as can be! Learn more: https://t.co/OON1WUOk6J pic.twitter.com/Z4Jw3bRC0o

— Brevard Zoo (@BrevardZoo) March 27, 2018