Family gun to be returned to UCF student who idolizes mass shooters

Orlando police filed Risk Protection Order petition last month

ORLANDO, Fla. – A University of Central Florida student whose family's gun was taken away under a temporary act will be able to get the weapon back. 

News 6 has learned a judge decided not to extend a Risk Protection Order. 

Orlando police filed the petition a few weeks ago under the new safety law signed by Gov. Rick Scott last month. 

According to the petition, the 21-year-old student told police he idolized mass shooters, including Stephen Paddock and Nikolas Cruz. 

Detectives wrote that their investigation began on Feb. 10, 2018, after receiving a tip about comments posted on the forum website Reddit. Under a topic of "You guys are too weak to be a school shooter," investigators said the username TheRealUCFChris commented, "Maybe for now, but not forever."

UCF and Orlando police, along with the FBI, went to the student's home, where they took possession of his father's handgun. The student was held under the Baker Act following an interview with police. 

The student was never arrested or charged with a crime. 

Orlando police issued a statement regarding the decision, saying they will continue to pursue Risk Order protections if they feel someone is a risk to the community.


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