Having a gun in your car is legal in Florida -- unless you do this

News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Steve Montiero answers viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions every week. The most recent question deals with carrying guns in cars.

Anthony, of Orlando, asked: Can I legally carry a weapon in my vehicle?

Montiero said it is legal to carry a gun in your car without a concealed-carry permit, but gun owners have to be careful about how they do it.

"Florida law allows you to have a firearm in the car without a permit if it is in a secure container and it cannot be easily accessible," Montiero said.

He added that placing the firearm on the passenger seat, wedged between your seat or in an open compartment where the weapon is still visible and can be reached immediately is not permitted.

"The weapon must be contained," Montiero said. "Having it in a holster, preferably a holster with retention, and placed in your closed glove box is always a good place to start, especially if you are not a licensed concealed weapon holder."

He said the only time a gun can be on someone's person in the car is if the gun owner has a permit to carry from the state of Florida.

"Even then, the weapon can never be openly carried in your car," Montiero said. "The key word is 'concealed.'"

The state of Florida does not recognize open carry, so the only way to carry a firearm in Florida is concealed and with a permit.

"Carrying a firearm on your person, at your home or in your car comes with great responsibility and should never be taken lightly," Montiero said. "Always carry the weapon in accordance with local laws and never hesitate to ask your local authorities for further clarification if you ever have any doubt."


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