Woman found dead at Casselberry condos identified

Investigation launched into Pamela Rooks' death


CASSELBERRY, Fla. – A 55-year-old woman was found dead Wednesday at a Casselberry condo complex, police said.

Casselberry police identified the woman as Pamela Rooks, who was found dead at the Summit Village condos off Semoran Boulevard near Lake Howell.

Police said the mother of William Pyle, Rooks' roommate and on again-off again boyfriend, called 911.

911: Is she conscious ma'am? 
Woman: Please, please.
911: Ma'am, listen to me.
Mom: No, no. 
911: I need to know how to send up the call. 
Mom: No, she's out like a light.

In the 911 calls, Pyle's mom also told dispatchers what may have happened. 

911: What is wrong there? 
Mom: I don't know, my son just called me he said mother get over here, I walk in the door she's laying on the floor. He said he and she got into a quarrel, she hit the wall and then she grabbed her chest and hit the floor.

Officers found Rooks unresponsive, and authorities pronounced Rooks dead at the scene.

"While handling this case, some things caused concern to the officers, so our detectives were requested to investigate further," police said in a statement.

A medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Authorities have not released any other details.

Police also haven't named Pyle as suspect or even a person of interest in this case. According to court records, Pyle does have a criminal history dating back to 2005.

In 2016, records show Pyle was convicted of burglary with assault or battery.

A neighbor later reported that Pyle pushed him into his apartment and struck him in the head with a flashlight, threatening him and telling him to stop talking to Rooks, according to the report.

Other charges in Pyle's history include domestic battery and driving while under the influence, records show.

News 6 stopped by the condo where Pyle lived with Rooks Wednesday afternoon, but no one answered.