Lake Brantley High School apologizes for yearbook pages about vaping

Seminole County superintendent calls yearbook pages 'unacceptable'


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Seminole County school leaders are already calling for changes to be made in how a school's yearbook is reviewed, after they said controversial pages were published.

Some parents told News 6 they're angry at how two pages in the Lake Brantley High School yearbook appear to be glorifying getting into trouble, vaping and being rude to teachers.

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Lake Brantley High School principal Dr. Trent Daniel, said she's working to put a system in place next year when it comes to proofing yearbooks before they’re published.  It's happening as Seminole County Schools are reviewing policy to make sure this never happens again. 

One parent posted to the News 6 Facebook page, calling out the yearbook saying, "How is this OK? Our community is disgusted."

Students told News 6 it was all anyone could talk about Friday, and even Saturday during school events.

Monday News 6 asked school district leaders why the yearbook was not proofed before it was published.

"I can’t speak to the situation to the folks that had that opportunity to do that," Seminole County Schools spokesman Michael Lawrence said.

District officials said they're investigating if the yearbook was simply not proofed or it was poor judgment by a school employee.

"It should have been caught and not allowed in from the get go," Lawrence said.

Seminole County Superintendent Walt Griffin released this statement:

"The pages in the LBHS yearbook are unacceptable. The process that we have in place for proofing content was not followed. I have expressed my concerns regarding vaping and this is in complete opposition.​"

Daniel sent out the following message to parents:

"I am calling regarding the recent yearbook and the sensitive content that was published. Although yearbooks should reflect current trends and topics, the school and the principal has a responsibility to review sensitive topics. Topics such as vaping and glorifying referrals are not activities that the Lake Brantley administration, teachers, parents, and the majority of students engage in or support. For next year, I will develop a system to make sure all sensitive topics are reviewed prior to publication ... Again, I apologize for this oversight."

"It was inappropriate, but I think Dr. Daniel is going to be on it next year," said one parent.

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