When are you permitted to use your hazard lights while driving?

News 6 Traffic Safety Expert answers viewer questions

ORLANDO,Fla. – We all enjoy flashing lights and shiny things. It’s just our nature as people. But sometimes wanting to be a little extra isn't necessarily the best idea. Sometimes doing too much when it comes to driving can make for a dangerous and illegal trip.

Rob, from Orlando, asked for me to explain the logic behind why here in Florida you can't drive with your hazard lights on.

Your hazard lights are those simultaneously flashing amber-colored lights located on all four corners of your vehicle. The purpose of these lights is to indicate to other drivers when your vehicle is suffering from some type of malfunction or you are coming to some type of stop on the side of the road because there is the situation either with you or your vehicle that prevents you from operating it under normal conditions.

Florida law prevents drivers from using your hazard lights in inclement weather because it gives the indication to other drivers that your vehicle is stopped in the middle the road.

When driving in inclement weather and you feel the need to turn on these lights this is a good sign for you to know maybe it’s time for you to pull over or exit the highway until the weather conditions pass that made you want to put those hazard lights on in the first place.

There are some states that do allow for operation of your hazard lights while your car is moving, Florida is not one of those.

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