Report gives county-by-county look at crime in Florida in 2017

Governor says crime rate hit 47-year low

ORLANDO, Fla. – The recently released 2017 Uniform Crime Report for Florida shows that the Sunshine State experienced its lowest crime rate in 47 years and provides a county-by-county look at crime statistics across Florida.

In a news release, Gov. Rick Scott said crime was down 4.5 percent, with 28,640 fewer crimes since 2016 and 27 percent since he took office in 2011. 

“We continue to make investments each year to keep our communities safe, and these investments are working. Today, I’m proud to announce that crime is at a 47-year low in our state. Our state’s continuously decreasing crime rate is a reminder of the dedication and hard work of Florida’s law enforcement officers. We must continue to support and thank them every day for their commitment to keeping Florida families safe,” Scott said, highlighting a $5.2 billion investment in public safety in the Securing Florida’s Future budget.

Overall, the number of crimes per resident dropped by 6 percent. Nearly every major crime was down from the previous year. One notable exception was reported rapes, which increased by 4.6 percent.

There were 1,057 murders in Florida, down from 1,108 in 2016. The 2016 statistics include 49 people killed at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, which accounted for 31 percent of Orange County's 154 murders in 2016. There were 70 murders in Orange County in 2017.

The report lists firearms as the weapon used in 791 of the state's murders.

Click here to read the full Uniform Crime Report or click here to see a county-by-county breakdown of crime across Florida.

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