Video shows hoverboard catch fire inside Orange County home

Hoverboard catches fire while plugged into outlet

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Members of an east Orange County family said they are thankful they are all OK after a hoverboard caught fire inside their home.

Surveillance video from inside the home on Marguex Drive captured the moment the device ignited at 11:04 a.m.

The hoverboard can be seen in the video plugged into an outlet in the family's dinning room. Then, thick smoke starts to rise from the device. Seconds after that, a bright spark is seen and the entire hoverboard becomes engulfed in flames.

The woman inside the home can be seen running around the corner to see what is going on. The family said she attempted to put out the flames, but the hoverboard continued to burn.

"(I) just got a call that my house was on fire," homeowner Luis Gonzalez told News 6. "I saw it on the news, but never expected that was going to happen to me. But that's going to the garbage — no more hoverboard."

Gonzalez said he bought the hoverboard about a year ago, and claims the salesperson told him that the device was specifically equipped to not catch fire while charging.

"She called, like, right away to 911, and they tell her to get out (of) the room and go outside," Gonzalez said.

He said no one was injured in the fire.

"I'm living the experience right now, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's not worth it," Gonzalez said.

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