Police: Man fatally shot at luxury apartment complex in downtown Orlando

Darian J. Elwin, 23, shot at Crescent Central Station, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. – An investigation is underway after Orlando police said a 23-year-old man was shot and killed at the Crescent Central Station apartments in downtown Orlando.

Investigators responded to a shooting call at about 1:30 a.m. Friday and said found Darian J. Elwin on the third floor suffering from a gunshot wound. Elwin was pronounced dead, officials said.

Taylor Sambola and her boyfriend, Arcadian Broad live in the complex, and the shooting happened feet from their front door. 

"I heard screaming; it was very shallow. And then I heard running and then I heard, 'Oh my god, please, someone help.' I mean, blood-curdling screaming," Sambola said.  "She was like, 'He's been shot.'"

Broad tried to help the victim. 

"I went over and tried to help and see if I could help, but it was too late. It was a mess," Broad said. 

Rescue crews performed CPR on the victim but police said he later died at the hospital.

Police said they were talking to several witnesses and possible suspects who were detained at the scene. 

At this time, authorities do not believe the shooting was random. 

Some concern was raised, however, with residents saying they were not notified by management of the shooting. 

"It's not like we were down the hallway or, like, on the top floor. We were right next to it and we have not received an email, a phone call. I called the front office this morning. No one has answered me. I left a voicemail. I haven't gotten anything," Sambola said. 

An employee at the front office declined to give a comment. A call was made to the company's corporate officer, but the company has not released a statement. 

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