Gov. Rick Scott meets with Puerto Rico's governor at P3 Summit

Scott pledges continued support to island

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Gov. Rick Scott met with Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rosello in Puerto Rico Wednesday for the P3 Summit.

San Juan's convention center hosted the meeting where both governors spoke about ways to rebuild the island and what needs to be done almost a year after the Category Four hurricane ripped through the island.

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"All across San Juan people are back to work, but there's still a lot of work to do," Scott said. 

Wednesday's visit marked the seventh time Scott has visited the island since Hurricane Maria. 

"I think they have a big opportunity here in Puerto Rico. It's a lot of work, but I think there's a big opportunity to help the private sector to help grow the jobs. Help improve their economy," Scott said. 

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Carlos Mercader, executive director of Puerto Rico's Federal Affairs Administration, moderated the event.

This was a chance, he said, to continue discussion on how the government will work to rebuild a stronger power system and island in general. 

"The hurricane, what that did, it unveiled a lot of the things that were not working before and there are a lot," Mercader said. 

Another form of help is said to soon come from a $1.5 billion grant that is aimed at helping people who have been denied federal government aid. 

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"With those monies we are going to be able to cover those unmet needs -- needs that FEMA doesn't cover. We are with our plans, we are going to be using that money to help those who FEMA has not been able to help," Mercader said.