News 6 launches new 9 a.m. newscast

Bridgett Ellison, Julie Broughton, Candace Campos anchor new show

Candace Campos, Bridgett Ellison and Julie Broughton will anchor  News 6 at 9 a.m.
Candace Campos, Bridgett Ellison and Julie Broughton will anchor News 6 at 9 a.m.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Central Florida mornings just got a little easier, a little brighter and a whole lot more fun with the debut of News 6 at Nine.

The hour-long, weekday newscast is hosted by familiar News 6 anchors Bridgett Ellison, Julie Broughton and Candace Campos and is designed to involve the community. The newscast is designed to Get Results for Central Floridians by digging into big stories and breaking news, while taking a deeper dive into topics of local interest and concern by interacting with viewers on ClickOrlando.com and emerging social media.

Viewers may be familiar with Bridgett Ellison from News 6 Mornings weekdays from 5 a.m.to 7 a.m., where she hosts alongside Justin Warmoth, Kirsten O’Connor, Traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero and meteorologist Troy Bridges.  Bridgett is currently out on maternity leave after having given birth to her second child, a handsome baby boy, named Ethan.  The show will launch while Bridgett is at home taking the well-deserved time she needs with her family.  Her first day on the 9 a.m. show?  Stay tuned!

Julie Broughton is a longtime Central Florida favorite who currently sits on the desk co-anchoring News 6 at 4pm with Ginger Gadsden, Lisa Bell and chief meteorologist Tom Sorrells. Julie is also a certified meteorologist with over 17 years in the Central Florida market and has covered some of our most severe weather events like Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jeanne as well as recent hurricanes like Matthew and Irma.

Joining the team on the anchor desk is News 6 meteorologist Candace Campos.  Many Central Floridians know Candace for her popular County-by-County Pinpoint Weather.  Candace is the only meteorologist in Central Florida who actually travels weekly to cover weather where you live.  Every city, every neighborhood, one town at a time, and now she is bringing her knowledge of our community to the anchor desk for a fresh, new perspective. 

“Each of the 'News 6 at Nine' anchors are experienced journalists and/or meteorologists,” said vice president and general manager Jeff Hoffman.  “While each has very different experiences and specialties, they all have one thing in common:  they are working mothers.  These similarities and differences allow them to use the breadth of their knowledge to ask questions and get answers that will ultimately get results for all of our viewers.”

Viewers can look forward to special appearances by the News 6 Investigators, Justin Warmoth, Kirstin O’Connor and traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero.  Plus, there will be new segments to make your day and week easier like, “What’s for Dinner,” and “Personalized Pinpoint Forecasts.”

“I am excited to launch News 6 at 9,” said news director Allison McGinley. “At News 6, we look for ways to be of service to our community every day.  Bridgett, Julie and Candace are deeply committed to our communities naturally as mothers raising their children alongside our viewers. I believe viewers will connect with them through their bond and vibrant personalities.” 

Bridgett Ellison will continue to anchor News 6 mornings and News 6 at noon. Julie Broughton will continue to anchor News 6 at 4 p.m. as well taking viewers inside our local schools in her weekly special reports known as "Getting Results in our Schools." Candace Campos will continue her County-by-County Pinpoint Weather every afternoon beginning at 4 p.m.