Woman says breast implants caused years of chronic fatigue, depression, hair loss

'Breast implant illness' is growing concern among women


One woman says the last eight years have been agony for her, and she's blaming her breast implants.

Tracy Gary is convinced her implants were a source of a wide-spectrum illness that caused her years of chronic fatigue, depression, hair loss and other various mental health issues.

"I don't know how I survived this, honest to God. The depression is the absolute worst thing I've ever gone through," Gary told News 6 sister station WDIV.

 She said she suffered from a brain fog, causing her to mess up cues. At the time, she blamed it on "being an airhead."

Gary was asked if she ever felt suicidal.

"Oh yeah, I would text him (husband), 'I feel like going into the lake and drowning.' I was so depressed. I couldn't go from my room to my refrigerator," she said.

Doctors told her it was menopause. Some suggested it was all in her head. Gary said no doctor believed it was the breast implants causing it. 

Gary, through internet search, found other women who seemed to be suffering the same issues. An online community for "breast implant illness" is growing, although it's not recognized by medicine or insurance.

Gary had the implants removed and said she immediately improved.