Cocoa Beach groundwater contains cancer-linked chemicals, test results show

Groundwater samples show levels six times higher than Satellite Beach

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – Results from tests conducted on groundwater in Cocoa Beach revealed the presence of chemicals some have linked to cancer.

Florida Today reports some of the results in Cocoa Beach could be as much as six times higher than similar tests in Satellite Beach.

The chemicals found in both locations were once used in fire-extinguishing foams and pesticides, and some have linked them to cancer.

The testing at both locations was prompted by former Satellite High School student Julie Greenwalt, who asked if her cancer and the cancer of dozens of other people may have been caused by the water.

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Cocoa Beach city commissioners met and discussed the findings Thursday night. City Manager Jim McKnight said he is ordering more testing to be done within the next 10 to 14 days.

"We think that it's important that we move forward with additional testing," he told the commissioners. "(It's important) that we expand the testing area and that we add other compounds to it to make sure that we are being comprehensive in our review."

The last round of testing at two locations in Cocoa Beach cost $1,800. McKnight said the next round of testing was going to cost more.

Both the Satellite Beach and the Cocoa Beach tests were conducted on groundwater samples, not drinking water.

On Friday, Brevard County Schools is expected to release the results of its tests conducted on drinking water at 13 barrier island schools.

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