An 'atrocity:' Jacksonville Jaguars fan receives combined Patriots/Jags jersey

Jersey was 'a slight to all Jags fans everywhere'

Courtesy: Tim Richert
Courtesy: Tim Richert

Self-proclaimed diehard Jacksonville Jaguars fan Tim Richert was expecting his own personal piece of the football team when he opened the package of the customized jersey he had ordered. Instead, he came face-to-face with what he calls an "atrocity" -- a jersey adorned with both Jaguars and New England Patriots logos.

Many fans have resented the Patriots since their win over the Jaguars for a spot in last year's Super Bowl.

Richert said he ordered the jersey with his last name and the number 75 from the online NFL shop a few weeks ago. He said his excitement to wear the jersey turned into heartbreak when he saw what had been created.

"As a diehard fan since the inception of the franchise, I was devastated to see this atrocity even exists, and for it to happen to me was perceived as a slight to all Jags fans everywhere," Richert said.

Richert said his goal in sharing the jersey was to see how the NFL could make a jersey with the "bitter rivalry" that ignited the feud between the two teams.