Mother who held son over toilet in viral Facebook video says she's getting death threats

DCF says incident doesn't qualify as abuse

LEESBURG, Fla. – News 6 tracked down police documents to see if a Leesburg mother's actions against her son were abusive, after video went viral on Facebook showing Kaitlyn Wolf holding her son upside down over a toilet at her home over the weekend. 

Wolf said she met with the Department of Children and Families and Leesburg investigators Tuesday morning. She said she's been fully cooperating and she doesn't have anything to hide.

"I don't want to do anything for anyone to think I'm a terrible mother and I don't deserve my children," Wolf said. 

According to the incident report released by Leesburg Police, after watching the video, a DCF worker went to the mother's home and “saw no injuries to the child, both children had no fear of their mother, and the children’s stories indicated that it was done in fun, and they had been wrestling with mom just prior to the video.” 

"It sounds like he's hysterically crying, but he's not, he's crying and laughing at the same time after the video was done he goes, 'Let's do it again,'" Wolf said. 

Wolf said she's made police aware after getting more than 500 death threats since the video was posted by someone on Facebook. 

Also, according to the initial police report, a DCF worker showed the video to a DCF supervisor and DCF said it does not meet the threshold of abuse. Yet, police told News 6 they are still investigating.

Teddy Connelly said he lives near Wolf and said she seems like a nice mom. Yet, he said after watching the video that Wolf's actions were inappropriate.

"I was shocked about it. Be more responsible as a parent because that’s a child, and no child should be handled like this," Connelly said. 

Wolf said she’s being evicted from her home since the story has gotten so much publicity. 

News 6 also found out from investigators that police have been called to the mother's home before because her boyfriend has been arrested for domestic abuse. 

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