John Legend visits Orlando school, pushes support for Amendment 4

Music superstar visits Evans High School

ORLANDO, Fla. – A big name was in Central Florida Wednesday to throw his support behind Amendment 4. 

Singer, songwriter and actor John Legend appeared at a get-out-the-vote event at Evans High School in Orlando. 

Legend encouraged voters to support the controversial amendment, which would restore voting rights to convicted felons who have served their sentence.

"This about people who have already paid their debts to society, being able to participate in society,"  Legend said.

Legend said he knows some convicted felons and said everyone deserves a second chance. 

"What I know is, all of us have a felon in our family, all of us have someone who has committed a crime and returned to society," Legend said.   

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News 6 also spoke with KT Thompson on Wednesday. He said he was in prison for eight and a half years on felony drug charges. Now he wants his right to vote again. 

"I should have the right to vote now because I’ve been out of prison for 14 years now. I haven’t gotten back in trouble, I’m working," Thompson said.  

Thompson is a father who loves his children. He said he’s now turned his life around and speaks at jails and youth centers, trying his best to keep teens on track. He’s also written two books, yet doesn’t believes his story should hinder him from voting. 

He's also showing support for people like John Legend who believes in second chances. 

"I don’t think John Legend ever forgot where he came from. I think it’s always good to reach down or reach back and pull people up," Thompson said. 

Opponents argue the amendment doesn't differentiate between those who committed violent and nonviolent crimes. 

Amendment 4 will appear on November's ballot. 

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