This art is making the City Beautiful even more attractive

Artists from all over leave their marks in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – You might have noticed more and more art popping up around Orlando in areas like Mills 50 and Parramore. 

And we're not talking about art on canvas. It's a different type of art that started in the streets of New York decades ago, known as street art. 

It's local artists like Sara Berlin who are adding the extra color to the City Beautiful.

"I'm always looking for wall space to put my art around the town 'cause I just think putting bright art anywhere can really just liven up the mood of the place," Berlin said.

With vibrant colors and unique designs, she's left her talent for people to enjoy inside businesses and on large walls around Orlando. Some might say she's enhancing the city.

"I think it brings up the appeal of any area ... and our city, you know? We have some amazing artists," Berlin said.

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The artist, who has been painting all her life, hopes to inspire a more positive atmosphere with her creations.

"I'll do some pieces where I'll leave kind of like, hidden symbols that are words, like love, creation or abundance -- are things that I think our community could use," Berlin said.

Berlin's most recent inspiration comes from the Day of the Dead, a multiday holiday that starts Oct. 31 and is celebrated in Mexico.

She said she enjoyed getting to illustrate the beauty of women.

"I think women are beautiful and I love drawing their body and faces. I love the whole culture of, like, celebrating someone's life instead of looking at it as only a sad thing," Berlin said.

You can come across one of her murals at the West Art Walls, which are at the corner of Central Boulevard and North Westmoreland Drive.

"To have a spot to showcase what I do and share part of myself with the community, it means a lot to me. I love this place," Berlin said.

Artists from all over the world have learned about the area and left pieces of their own talents behind. But Berlin said there's still room for more.

"We have a few great murals out there, but we're really lacking compared to other cities, in how much art we have," Berlin said. 

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Caster Nova, an artist from New York who is now the curator for West Art Walls, said the art gives people a unique reason to want to see the city, other than the typical reasons many people visit the City Beautiful.

"A lot of the people from around the world, they come here for the parks, but then they want to do something different. There's a lot of talent here. It's about Orlando, it's about the artists, it's about the community -- giving back." Nova said.

To learn more about West Art Walls, follow their Instagram page, @westartwalls_orlandofl, or visit

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