Parents beware: Edible slime is now a thing

Jell-O launches two edible slime flavors


As if slime projects weren’t messy enough, the stretchy toy can be eaten.

Jell-O launched its first edible slime in two fun flavors.

Your child can pick between strawberry-flavored Unicorn and lime-flavored Monster varieties. 

Slime is a major phenomenon, with more than a million "How to make slime" videos on the internet. 

“Jell-O Play is all about encouraging and enabling bonding time between parents and kids,” said Michael Hartley, senior associate brand manager for Jell-O Play. “With new Jell-O Play Edible Slime, the entire family can have fun creating, stretching, and even eating slime.”

Select retailers will have the slime in December. For more information and where to purchase the slime, click here.

Of course, reactions to the product on Twitter are mixed.










Parents, are you excited or dreading edible slime? Comment below.

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