Adoption deception suspect gives birth to baby likely addicted to drugs, attorney says

Christina Bay accused of trying to adopt baby to separate couples

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A woman recently accused of adoption deception was released from jail and had her baby the next day.

Adoption attorney Brian Kelly said he represents one of the families who was trying to adopt 33-year-old Christina Bay's baby.

"She's not in the hospital. My understanding is she is still living in the little efficiency apartment that myself and the other, my clients and the other family, were paying for," Kelly said. 

Court documents show Bay was paid close to $20,000 from two separate couples who thought they were in the process of adopting her baby. 

Since Bay's arrest, Kelly has been in contact with the Department of Children and Families and the assistant state attorney's office. 

Thanks to the adoption contract signed by Bay, Kelly still gets medical information about the baby. 

He has since learned the baby is in a neonatal intensive care unit and is receiving morphine, a drug commonly used for drug withdrawals.

"My understanding is that, with the treatment of the child, that would be indicative of drug withdraws," Kelly said. 

Bay was released shortly after her arrest for a medical issue.

Kelly said that, if Bay had had her baby while in jail, the jail would have had to take on the costs. Court documents show she was released on her own recognizance without bail.

Given the circumstances regarding her pregnancy, with a due date set for Nov. 22 and her inability to support herself, court records show she is out of jail under supervised release. 

What that means is she's out in good faith that she'll make her next court appearance on Dec. 6. 

A representative with DCF said the agency will do everything in its power to make sure the baby ends up in a safe environment.