Self-defense shooting reported at Cocoa laundromat, police say

Alleged shooter won't face charges

COCOA, Fla. – A man was shot near a Cocoa laundromat on Monday in what police are calling an instance of self-defense, according to officials with the Cocoa Police Department.

Officials said patrol officers and detectives are investigating the shooting at 1242 Dixon Blvd., just east of Clearlake Road.

Antoine Luke, 26, was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound, and the alleged shooter, 23-year-old D'Montrio Davis, called 911, remained on the scene and is cooperating with investigators, according to a news release.

Davis told News 6 he was picking up his clothes when Luke approached him. Police said one of Davis' brothers dated one of Luke's sisters about three months ago.

"He walked up behind me, like you did, and I told him 'Back up,' and he charged at me and guess what I did? I shot him," Davis said.

Davis said he didn't know why the other man approached him, but said there could have been past drama from when their siblings dated.

Davis was not arrested. Police said he will not be charged because witnesses and evidence confirmed that the shooting was in self-defense. Luke also admitted to police that he was the aggressor, authorities said.

Luke is in critical condition.

Shelley Smith works inside this laundromat. She heard one gunshot, ran outside then called 911.

"I just saw a lot of blood going down his legs," said Smith.  "After I heard the cap, I saw him walk a little further over here."