US robocalls hit 'new normal' 5.1 billion calls in November

YouMail says Orlando topped 45 million calls last month

ORLANDO, Fla. – November robocalls connected nearly 5.1 billion times last month, a sign that consumers better get used to the unwanted recorded offers and deals that keep smartphones buzzing.

YouMail CEO Alex Quilici told News 6 the volume equaled 169.6 million calls placed every day in November and seems to be the “new normal” in the world of robocalls. 

“It’s the same five that have been driving everybody nuts, although the numbers are varying a bit,” Quilici said.

Quilici said the top phone scam, without question, is the health insurance scam, followed by interest rate scams, student loan scams, easy money scams for jobs that don’t exist and finally, Google listings.

Areas in the South continued to receive the most robocalls in November, with Orlando’s 407 area code reporting more than 45 million calls, with additional area codes bringing the city’s total to more than 64 million calls.

Quilici told News 6 there is new evidence that many of the calls originate from India.

During the holiday of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, there was a major drop in IRS scam calls reported to YouMail.

According to Quilici, the decrease was in the range of  90 percent, “unheard of” in his view and compelling evidence that a majority of the calls are coming from India.

According to the YouMail data, the cities, area codes and states with the highest volumes of robocalls in November were very similar to last month.

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando were ranked 13, 14 and 15 respectively, while Atlanta was ranked No. 1 with 213 million robocalls.

Below is a timeline showing robocall volumes since the start of 2018:

Month    Calls/Month    Calls/Day    Calls/Hour    Call/Minute    Calls/Second
Nov. 2018    5.09 billion    169.6 million    7.1 million    117,764    1,963
Oct. 2018    5.11 billion    164..9 million    6.9 million    114,544    1,909
Sept. 2018    4.41 billion    147.0 million    6.1 million    102,060    1,701
Aug. 2018    4.22 billion    136.1 million    5.7 million    94,548    1,576
Jul. 2018    4.00 billion    129.0 million    5.4 million    89,603    1,493
Jun. 2018    4.12 billion    137.4 million    5.7 million    95,479    1,591
May 2018    4.06 billion    130.9 million    5.5 million    90,961    1,516
Apr. 2018    3.36 billion    112.0 million    4.7 million    77,802    1,297
Mar. 2018    3.16 billion    101.8 million    4.2 million    70,695    1,178
Feb. 2018    2.75 billion    98.1 million    4.1 million    68,149    1,136
Jan. 2018    2.88 billion    95.8 million    34.0 million    64,408    1,073

“I think you’re going to see the carriers do more to try and block these calls,” Quilici said. “That’s a complicated process, so for now, consumers can use apps like YouMail to intercept the unwanted calls."

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