Astronaut causes scare after calling 911 from space

Alarms sound at Houston space center

International Space Station
International Space Station (NASA via Getty Images)

HOUSTON – An astronaut aboard the International Space Station caused a scare this week when he accidentally dialed 911.

According to Fortune.com, Dutch astronaut André Kuipers was making a call when he missed a number, causing him to dial 911 via the Houston space center’s switchboard.

The incident caused alarms to sound throughout the space center, according to the report.

Astronauts are able to place calls from the ISS, but to get an outside line, they must first dial 9. To get an international line, they need to dial 011. 

Fortune.com said despite some excitement, nothing else came from the incident.

Kuipers said he felt a little let down that no one came to space to help.