Family grieves loss of 13-year-old killed in Palm Bay dirt bike accident

Port St. Lucie teenager collided with 22-year-old on motorcycle, police say

PALM BAY, Fla. – Riders in Palm Bay's Compound recorded the deadly aftermath Sunday of a 13-year-old who was killed in a dirt bike collision.

On Thursday, police said the teenager was Raquan Filsaime.

His Port St. Lucie parents shared a photo of Filsaime, showing the teen on the same dirt bike police said he crashed on.

CBS 12 in West Palm Beach spoke to the grief-stricken parents.

"I just want my baby back," his mother, Candace Filsaime, said with tears in her eyes.

Raquan Filsaime's parents said many in their family ride dirt bikes every weekend.

But last Sunday, it was only Raquan Filsaime who wanted to go the vast, remote Compound, an hour away from Port St. Lucie.

"That day, we didn't want to go out there, but he begged us to go," his mother said. "That's just what he loved, and it made him so happy."

A neighborhood that was never developed, the Compound has attracted off-roaders for decades.

On Sunday, police said Raquan Filsaime collided with a local motorcycle rider.

"Somebody had crashed into him, and then my baby son, he came up and told us that his brother was messed up," his father, Richard Filsaime, said.

A close friend of the motorcycle rider said he lost a foot following the accident.

Emergency responders were forced to amputate while rushing the 22-year-old college student to the hospital. The motorcyclist is still recovering.

The tragedy is sparking conversation about getting safety results.

Palm Bay City Councilman Kenny Johnson said he will plan to meet with the city manager to start a conversation about how to prevent another deadly accident. News 6 will keep you updated.

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