Couple's wedding in limbo due to partial government shutdown

'Do we tell them not to come?' couple asks

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Central Florida couple's wedding is in limbo during the partial government shutdown, due to the fact that their wedding venue is inside the Ocala National Forest.

Ashely Hartman and Matthew Donohue said they received an email on Christmas Eve from the government, notifying them that their venue might be affected.

The couple said they booked the building at Doe Lake Campground a year ago.

"They had an opening," Hartman said. "We went there and it's literally just like, it looks like an old log cabin overlooking a lake with a bunch of trees. It's just beautiful and perfect."

The couple went to the venue Friday and said they met with volunteers, who told them the venue would be open as long as the electricity stayed on.

"They were like, 'It is still technically open. We have electricity, but the electricity could go any day,'" Hartman said.

She made decorations for the big day that were created specifically for the venue.

Donohue said the couple have family flying in from across the country.

"Yuma, Arizona, and New York and all these places," he said. "(And) Louisiana, and like, you know, we are trying to figure out, do we tell them not to come?"

The pair said they are looking into other venues, but they still have their sights set for their dream wedding to be held on Doe Lake.

"If we had to just go to a different place suddenly, it's like, I have to rent how many tables now?" Hartman said.

The couple said they will pay close attention to any updates regarding the partial government shutdown.

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