Sheriff gives update on recovery of K-9 deputy treated after reacting to drugs

Golden retriever had severe reaction to sniffing narcotics


PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. – A Brevard County Sheriff's Office K-9 that suffered a reaction while sniffing out drugs in a cruise passenger's luggage is back on the job after being treated with Narcan.

Officials from Port Canaveral on Friday tweeted a video of 3-year-old golden retriever Jake with his handler, Deputy Scott Stewart.

Stewart shows a shaved spot near Jake's paw where a veterinarian inserted an IV after the dog suffered a reaction to what is believed to be ecstasy that belonged to a passenger boarding the Holy Ship music festival cruise.

Deputies said that Leslie Bennett, 33, had a bag in his boxers that contained ecstasy and amphetamine. During a search of Bennett's luggage, deputies said they also found amphetamines, sildenafil citrate and lorazepam in a Dramamine container.

A crew member on board the ship gave Jake a dose of Narcan to stop the reaction until he could be taken to a veterinarian.

In the video, Jake can be seen circling around his handler, being petted and playing with a tennis ball.

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