Orlando man living on what he can grow for one year

Rob Greenfield has challenged himself to survive by eating food that is grown

ORLANDO – Could you live on what you can grow?

An Orlando man is doing just that for an entire year. 

Rob Greenfield has challenged himself to survive by eating food that he has either grown or foraged to inspire people to know where their food comes from.

The sustainable advocate built a tiny house surrounded by gardens he said were designed to provide food to facilitate his challenge. 

The 32-year-old has allowed himself very basic supplies, including a mattress and a freezer to store homemade canned foods.

"Today is day 94 of the year and I can say this is not easy at all. Every day is challenging. Some days, I want to give up," Greenfield said.

Greenfield said the effort is not all about his palate. In fact, it's a movement he has had success in.  He said he has ridden across the country twice and gone "dumpster diving" in an effort to educate people.

"We are so disconnected from our food," he said. "Most of us just go to the grocery store, buy our food and we never really think about where it comes from, how it got to us, and the people that were behind it."

He said this challenge is a reminder that the world can sustain us without machines. Greenfield uses rain water that falls off his roof and drips into rain barrels that is later purified. He even grows his own toilet paper, which he said smells like mint. 

"For people that don't think I'm going to make it, I understand," Greenfield said. "I mean growing and foraging 100 percent of your food for a year is totally crazy."

The Orlando resident said the most challenging part about this is convenience. The end date for this challenge is slated for Nov. 11. For more on Greenfield's pledge, visit http://robgreenfield.tv/.