Florida birthing center asks for breast milk donations after mother dies

The baby's family is living in Maitland

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.UPDATE: Officials said on Sunday that Tree of Life Birth and Gynecology received more than 800 ounces of breast milk and no longer needs donations.

Support is coming into an Orange County birthing center.

The Tree of Life Birth and Gynecology facility asked people on social media to donate breast milk to help a family dealing with an unthinkable tragedy. 

Tree of Life Founder Kaleen Richards said the death of the baby boy's mother sent shock waves to the staff at Tree of Life Birth and Gynecology.

"It was just shocking I mean to say the least, it was absolutely shocking, I didn't know any of it happened," Richards said.

Richards said a couple fleeing political unrest in Venezuela were ready to welcome a new baby boy to the world in Orlando.

The family landed in Miami and was on their way to Orlando when the mom's health began declining rapidly. 

"While they were driving on 95 she had a seizure, they brought her to the nearest hospital in Vero Beach, at that point they deemed that she had severe brain damage."

Richards said doctors had to do an emergency C-section.

"She had a condition pre-clampsia, that turned eclamptic when you have a seizure from high blood pressure and died within 24 hours after giving birth."


We have a tragic situation and need breast milk..... A mother fleeing Venezuela to deliver with us arrived 2 weeks ago...

Posted by Tree of Life Birth and Gynecology on Wednesday, March 20, 2019


The impact of her death evident in the immediate reaction to this Facebook Post from people trying to get results about how to donate breast milk.

"I just feel when these things happen it is just important that we show up for people, that we reach out and it gives our life meaning," Richards said.

If you would like to donate breast milk you can drop it off at the Orlando or DeLand location.

The family is also accepting gently used boy clothes.

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