Could you stay in bed for 2 months? NASA willing to pay you $19,000 for it

Do you struggle to get out of bed each morning and wish you could just lit there all day? Your dream could come true.

NASA wants to pay someone almost $19,000 to spend two months in bed. All good things come with a catch, though. 

NASA, the European Space Agency and the German Aerospace Center want to research how bodies change in weightlessness, and bed rest simulates this condition. 

Twenty-four participants will be flown to the German Aerospace Center to be monitored around the clock for 89 days. 

For 60 days of the study, you will be lying in a bed at an incline with your feet above your head.

Everything from eating, washing, showering and going to the bathroom will be done in bed. You cannot get up or lift your head. 

The study suggests you can accomplish many things while being in bed all day, like learning online, watching your favorite TV series and interacting with the research team. 

The researchers need people to take part in the study from September to December 2019 and are willing to pay 16,500 euros, which equals almost $19,000. 

Participants must be healthy women ages 24 to 55, nonsmokers, between 5 feet and 6 feet, 2 inches tall and have a body mass index of 19 to 30.

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