Meteor dazzles spectators as it passes through Florida night sky

Homeowner catches the sight on doorbell camera


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Floridians were treated to a spectacle Saturday night as a meteor streaked across the night sky. 

The National Weather Service in Tallahassee was able to record the hunk of rock from outer space on its satellite system shortly before midnight and confirmed that it was indeed a meteor.

News 6 viewer Giovanni Garzon was able to get the video below of the space rock as it flew over Randal Park near Lake Nona. 

He told News 6 in a Facebook message that he was perplexed when he got a notification from his Ring doorbell so late at night. 

"Then I saw the giant burst of green light. At first I laughed and thought aliens had arrived. But then I figured it was a meteor," Garzon said.

He wasn't the only one stunned by what he saw.

Social media lit up with pictures and comments as more and more people provided their take on the blue-green streak.

There is no confirmation yet that it made it to Earth. 

“We've heard reports that it landed near Perry, FL, which would match with the GLM data, but can't confirm anything,” NWS said in a tweet Saturday. “The satellite data suggests that *if* it landed, though, it was in FL.”

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