Think Central Florida first responders only handle crime? You thought wrong

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Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood at Deltona Middle School. (Image: Twitter/@SheriffChitwood)
Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood at Deltona Middle School. (Image: Twitter/@SheriffChitwood)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Law enforcement officers and other first responders across Central Florida are going beyond the call of duty each week, and our team at News 6 loves to share the ways they're getting results in their communities.

Whether it be to crime victims and their families, animals in need or even each other, our first responders are always lending a helping hand.

This week, a kitten needed rescuing from a wall after a homeowner heard it crying late at night, and Winter Haven firefighters came to its rescue. Using a thermal imaging camera, firefighters were able to find the sweet little feline and cut it out of the wall. Of course, firefighter Cody Nowling posed with the precious kitten once it was all over.

The animal rescues didn't stop there. In Flagler County, a deputy saw a turtle resting in the middle of the road and pulled over immediately to help it get to a grassy area safely. The Flagler County Sheriff's Office said it vows to protect all their inhabitants, including turtles. Of course, the deputy's dashboard camera captured the entire rescue.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina and some of his deputies escorted some extraordinary women to the Ms. Wheelchair Florida 46th annual Empowerment Gala at Rosen Centre over the weekend. The ladies looked stunning and the deputies looked honor to be by their sides.

If you thought Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood and his deputies only took down bad guys, you thought wrong. They also take down talented basketball players -- or, at least tried to Friday in a game at Deltona Middle School. Chitwood said he's proud of the students for their work both on and off the court.

Back on the animal rescue train: firefighters in Orlando made one momma duck very happy by reuniting her with all nine of her babies. The ducklings fell down a storm drain near Narcoossee Road, but firefighters knew just what to do. After the rescue, which was caught on camera, the baby ducks celebrated and thanked the rescue crew with lots of chirps before waddling away with mom.

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