Charmin rolls out ‘forever roll' that lasts up to one month

(Credit: Twitter, Charmin)
(Credit: Twitter, Charmin)

Do you hate changing out the roll of toilet paper? Or know someone who does?

That problem is solved with Charmin’s new giant roll of toilet paper. There will be a lot less roll changing. 

Charmin, manufactured by Proctor & Gamble, announced its “Forever Roll” that it says will last up to a month. 



Be prepared, though: The roll needs its own special holder. 

The giant roll will still offer Charmin’s 2-ply ultra soft. 

Ready to upgrade your roll? You can get a starter kit for multi-user bathrooms starting at $29.97, free holder included. There’s also stand-alone rolls for $9.99 and the stand for $29.99. 

To buy a roll, click here.

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