Deputies say man admits to taking meth, stealing boat as victim chases with jet ski

Man accused of stealing boat – A homeowner tells News 6 he chased someone who attempted to steal his boat Sunday morning.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office arrested Joshua Duncan, 26, on several felony charges including burglary, grand theft and assault with a motor vehicle.

The homeowner said he was drinking coffee Sunday morning when he heard his boat engine start up. Moments later, he said, he saw Duncan speeding away in the boat.

The victim said he jumped onto his jet ski and pursued the suspect.

The homeowner told News 6 that Duncan began to display his middle finger at him, before trying to hit the jet ski with the boat.

Detectives wrote in their report the victim told them, "...Mr. Duncan intentionally attempted to hit the jet ski with the boat, and stated Mr. Duncan was shouting unidentifiable words at him."

Deputies said that when they arrived to Lake Gatlin, they found Duncan on board the stalled-out vessel.

Investigators said that Duncan admitted to taking unknown pills and injecting himself with methamphetamine.

Duncan remains in custody in the Orange County jail without bond. 

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