Dog shot in Orange County, recovering after surgery

Maverick listed in critical condition at animal hospital

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A dog found shot in the chest with a suspected pellet gun is fighting for his life at a veterinary clinic as investigators try to find the person responsible.

According to documents from Orange County Animal Services, investigators were called to a home on Blue Tick Drive on Saturday after the dog was found lying in bushes.

The documents show they found out the dog had been shot, and he was suffering from lung issues and an infection.

Tailz Rescue Ranch founder Adrienne Andino said her group intervened to help save the dog's life.

"We want to know, first of all, how this happened," she said.  "We want to do whatever we can to make him pull through and give him the life that he deserves."

The dog named Maverick is now being cared for at Luv-n-Care Veterinary Clinic in Longwood.

Andino said the staff continues to remove fluid from Maverick's lungs, give him antibiotics and supply him with intravenous fluids.

She said he has low protein levels in his blood, and he is currently listed in critical condition.

"Maverick is worth so much more than just being shot and left for dead," Andino said. "We will get to prove that to him."

Maverick is recovering from surgery.

Surgeons had to remove his entire left lung on Friday.

If you have information on who may have shot Maverick, call OCAS at 407-836-3111. 



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